Let's make a list of things yet to be remade


then we can all divvy them all up between us and try and make some cash selling them to BBC3/ITV/Dave


i’m actually irrationally angry about them remaking Porridge with the grown up kid from Muppet Treasure Island ffs


I kind of feel that it’s a bit sad that James Bolam and Rodney Bewes are still not speaking to each other, meaning that another Likely Lads follow up will never happen.




game of thrones


Wonder Years set in the 80s


they should get Pete Doherty and Carl Barat to play them in the new remake

brb just calling BBC3


glad motherland’s been commissioned, the pilot was pretty funny


On The Buses
Have they done Are You Being Served yet? Could reimagine it as a biting satire on zero-hours contracts in the service industry.


You have to email them now.


that reminds me

let’s remake the Office, but the American version, but set in England this time

like they did with The Longest Yard & Mean Machine but… the other way round.


the simpsons


jossy’s giants


The Rottentrolls


Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds*

*not counting the recent stone roses single


albert the 5th musketeer


quiet you fools! you’re just giving them ideas


Speaking of James Bolam, the Beiderbeck trilogy is probably worth a shout on the remake side.


That’s basically what freaks and geeks was


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