Lets make a list of words where you shouldn't pronounce the "a" like a southerner even if you are one

Only list words where some people actually do pronounce the “a” like “ar”



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All of them tbh, happy to admit that us southerners are completely in the wrong regarding this.


this is very noble of you Arntony



this got me thinking, can we get a norther in to apologise for pronouncing “auntie” as “antie” please?

Heard some northerners use the short, northern ‘a’ for ‘water’. Horrendous

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literally none, since we invented the language.

oh yeah that’s good, big fan tbh

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it should really be pronounced orntie I guess

We’ve only managed one word so far guys. I had another when I came up with this thread idea the other day but I can’t remember it now.

I’m not a fan of the American pronunciation of pasta or Mario

Grass, because it makes you all sound like complete pricks.

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Or Craig

Words beginning with ‘trans’. E.g. transfer, transport, transparent.


Or hover

yes, brilliant, I think “transparency” was the one I heard on the radio, probably some Tory talking about how they’re going to put the whole internet in prison I think.

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I know of someone that used to like to barbecue on the pa®tio rather than patio.

I often say ‘sarndwich’ to see if I can get a rise out of people but I’m not sure anybody actually says it like that.

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I think graph should be another one because I say graphical with a short a but after 30 odd years of saying it as ‘grarph’ I’m not sure I can change.