Let's make a Metallica Best Of

studio albums only
12 songs
12 votes

  • KEM - Whiplash
  • KEM - Jump In The Fire
  • KEM - Seek & Destroy
  • RTL - Fight Fire With Fire
  • RTL - Ride The Lightning
  • RTL - For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • RTL - Fade to Black
  • RTL - Trapped Under Ice
  • RTL - Escape
  • RTL - Creeping Death
  • RTL - The Call of Ktulu
  • MOP - Battery
  • MOP - Master of Puppets
  • MOP - The Thing That Should Not Be
  • MOP - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  • MOP - Disposable Heroes
  • MOP - Leper Messiah
  • MOP - Orion
  • MOP - Damage, Inc.
  • AJFA - Blackened
  • AJFA - …And Justice For All
  • AJFA - Eye of the Beholder
  • AJFA - One
  • AJFA - Harvester of Sorrow
  • AJFA - The Frayed Ends of Sanity
  • AJFA - To Live Is To Die
  • AJFA - Dyers Eve
  • TBA - Enter Sandman
  • TBA - Sad But True
  • TBA - Holier Than Thou
  • TBA - The Unforgiven
  • TBA - Wherever I May Roam
  • TBA - Through The Never
  • TBA - Nothing Else Matters
  • TBA - Of Wolf And Man
  • TBA - The God That Failed
  • L - Until It Sleeps
  • L - Hero of the Day
  • L - Mama Said
  • RL - Fuel
  • RL - The Memory Remains
  • RL - The Unforgiven II
  • SA - Frantic
  • SA - St Anger
  • DM - The Day That Never Comes
  • DM - Cyanide
  • DM - The Judas Kiss
  • HTSD - Hardwired
  • HTSD - Atlas, Rise!
  • HTSD - Moth Into Flame

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fuck i typed out their whole discog but had to cut it down to 50 because of the RULES.

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I got confused and thought Moth To Flame was Spit Out The Bone, which is aces. Not that arsed about MTF tbh

surprisingly low turnout for sad but true so far


Kill E Mall

whoops :smiley: i originally put ‘sade but true’ as well

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Why can’t I vote for the table song?


For whom the bell tolls x12


It’s missing 3 of the best 4 on Reload! (Fixxxer, Carpe Diem Baby, Low Man’s Lyric). But Hero of the Day is definitely the best one on Load.

not listened to it in years so I dunno if it holds up, but ronnie was always my favourite on load

had to get rid of 57 tracks from their discog so had to fall back on singles

maybe because YOU ARE THE TABLE!!!

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I Disappear
One of the tracks from S&M because that’s alright.
The one with the fucking shit drums
Tears of Dave Mustaine
That Misfits cover


i actually really like this song

hey hey heyyyyyaeeeeeahhhhhh


Same. Never taken to Metallica at all out of the big four, find them absolute yawnfest but that one is a banger. Love the opening guitar squeal.

Is it wrong to say there are only 2 Metallica songs I would chose to listen to, and one is St Anger

Cause it’s terrible?

It’s no fave of mine but it’s not bad is it?

It’d say it’s where Metallica lost me. Rubbish as enter sandman is, it’s not this bland.
It’s so awful, a rock ballad in the worst way. It may as well be Extreme.
(I really don’t like it btw)