Let's make a Metallica Best Of

What’s the other?

i can see that!

I think metallica are at their best when doing overblown power ballads tbh. haven’t even got for whom the bell tolls on my best of

Madness. :grinning:

sanitarium is their best song tho

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It’s definitely up there but it’s The Thing that should not be for me


st anger is so bloody bad. i don’t even hate the production that much but the songs are just awful. that said, i do watch some kind of monster about once a year.

I think I sort of enjoy St Anger (the song) partly fot the novelty but I think it stands up a bit on its oen, save for Lars sounding like he is in Stomp


kirk hammett and rob trujillo’s backin vocals are so hilarious in that song. sound like a couple of cookie monsters.

Theres a bit where before the chorus, Hetfield just goes ooooooh and it never fails to raise a smile

I’ll spotify this…

think some kind of monster (song, not film) would be pretty good if it was half the length. the rest of that album is an irredeemable mess though


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i just listened to it. it’s not only a bad metallica song but possibly one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard. it’s like a completely disposable nu-metal riff with a completely awful tuneless chorus.

sorry pal but you are fucking tripping if you think it is one of their best

Remember seeing them do Frantic on TOTP anf thinking then it was beyond awful

Top 12 (prioritised remastered versions because I think the remasters are good)


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He just never gets respect

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jamming this now. nice work.

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Yeah I really like how the Top 12 has landed although could make the case that 13 (Sad But True) and 14 (The Unforgiven) could round it out nicely with a bit more Black Album.

remember when they named a song “man UNkind”, that was fun