Let's make a Metallica Best Of

Until It Sleeps was robbed!

(it’s ok, gonna make another playlist of metallica ballads for myself)

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when battery kicks in



Are you getting Sad But True confused with something another song? Not really a ballad is it?

No ‘My Friend of Misery’, I am OUT

Could have left off everything after Load tbf (and Bleeding Me not included, wtf!)

Well sad is in the title :wink:

st anger currently has more votes than until it sleeps :disappointed:

Oops, you are right. Was getting it confused with Nothing else matters.
Which is dog shit.

Sad but true is ok I guess.


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haha wtf man


trying to sing along to nothing else matters with the words of sad but true now :joy:

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Nothing Else Matters feat. Kid Rock

well i thoroughly enjoyed this, good work all