Let's not leave it too late for the Wednesday thread

Have I started two daily threads in a row? Who cares

Working at home on a Wednesday for the first time in a while. Driving to work yesterday I realised my car was covered in seagull poo so I’ll need to wash that at some point

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Morning rob et al!

Thanks for taking one for the team here.

I’m on strike again so I’ll be dropping The Child at nursery and going to stand outside my campus for a bit. I had some plans to do some gardening jobs today but I don’t think the weather will allow me to do this.

I’m either going to record my Dissonance show or write a proposal for a research grant or fight some computer game robot.


Morning Rob, Keith, everyone!
Sorry about your seagull poo. Absolute menaces. Found out a while ago that they’re only called seagulls if they’re near the sea, whereas my seagulls are just called… gulls.

Been looking into joining the circus this morning but I don’t think I have the skills.

In order to join a circus, you will need one or more specific skills or talents that a circus would find valuable . This might be silk aerials, trapeze, acrobatics, juggling, trampolining, tightrope, diabolo, clowning, stilt walking, or anything else remarkable and unique.

A shame I can’t even call myself a clown, because I learnt from Steve-O that clown college is statistically harder to get into than Harvard. Pity. Back to the drawing board!

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I reckon ‘inability to leave the house without a sitcom plot happening to or around me’ qualifies.


Picking up Sascha after a week in kennels :sob:

Keep thinking it’s Thursday, which means I have an extra day that I don’t know what to do with.

Have come to the decision that for various reasons now isn’t the right time for Scotland move, so I’m going to develop a five year plan. And at least now I can get my bathroom sorted.


About to start work RIGHT NOW

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I’ve been quite boring as of late, feel like I’m letting the community down. To rectify this I’ve signed up for outdoor tai chi lessons, so I imagine I’ll break a limb or shit myself or something.

You’re all welcome

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Think I got home about 3am still drunk. Lots of work to do
Lorde tonight.

Did you win the quiz though?

No I filled the answer sheet in in the wrong order


It went


And I thought it went




Off to my friend’s phd thesis defense
Then I’ve got a day to kill in Amsterdam cos I’m flying back in the evening

Very tempted to buy and consume some edibles


Would love to know which option/options you choose. Feel that you could combine radio show with robot battle maybe, but not sure about research grant?

Shrewbs my love, I think you should, and I think you should live blog it in a thread. So that we (me) can live vicariously through you

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Is it now illegal to make a daily or evening thread without the title referring to the fact that nobody else has made one yet?


Currently going through the slightly stressful process of helping mum buy a place in Eltham.

On the other hand, in terms of selling, she sold her house without a single proper viewing, for asking price. and the owners gave her a card and chocolates for taking it off the market

I have emphasised to mum that this is not the usual experience


This can be your Thursday thread title

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I’m not sure, but I don’t want to fall foul of the thread police

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