Let's play Guess Which...

British indie musician I just sold a fishing rod, 4 big planters, a top hat and some rye bread to…

Was it one of Metronomy?

It was not, but clever guessing.

Probably a bit more than just an ‘indie musician’ tbf.

I’m out, Muse are the only other band I can think of from down that way

Not from down this way (has a house here though)

One of Feeder?


Van the man?

Someone from Suede?

very close

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Dan Abnormal?

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Is correct!


how much are fishing rods?

i always imagined fishing rods to be something you do a lot of research into before buying, not as a (what seems like) impulse purchase with some garden stuff and a loaf of bread.

What’s a planter?

Just use a Bamboo cane, some string tied to it and a picture hook on the end of the string


Big pot thing for planting stuff in.


This was a starter set, and cost £59.99

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time for a game of higher or lower.

his bill for a fishing rod starter set, four big planters and a loaf of rye bread:

gonna go with 147.52

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