Let's play internet doctor



So, as I’ve probs mentioned a lot, I’ve been at home with a fever for the last couple of days. What annoys me most about this currently, other than basic fever stuff like freezing and sweating at the same time obvs, is that I’m SUPER DIZZY all the time. It’s mostly alright when I sit down, but when I get up to just walk to the kitchen or bathroom or whatever it hits FULL FORCE.

I’m going to die, aren’t I? Probably a new super breed of bird flu that includes cancer and AIDS as well? Do your worst, Dr. DiS


It’s a fever.


How are your stools?


Almost non-existent seeing as I’m not eating much.


Then I can’t help you. Sorry.


I could send you a sample if you’d like?


Had this last week

I am now dead


Fucking knew it


Yes please! Please mark it for the FAO of Balonz Panaflex, 1 Frensham Ponds, Surrey.


you basically need to eat loads


But I don’t have an apetite for anything yet



yeah, you need to eat. dry toast, dry cereal…anything really.


Well, this turned out disappointing.


The internet’s just told you to stuff your face with delicious food. That’s literally the best possible outcome for a medical advice thread.