Let's play some online games together!

Hi friends,

As mentioned in a couple of places maybe it could be good for some of us to have a fun distraction that is also kind of low-pressure social as a lot of us will be feeling a bit more isolated for the foreseeable.

So this is a thread to try and organise people to play multiplayer online games with! A focus not so much on console games as there are other places for that, but things which can be played on a phone or whatever variety of home computer.

My suggested format is that if you have a game you want to play please make a post in which you:

  • specify the game, including website or app name
  • specify if it is for mobile in app form (and if it is android/ios/windows compatible) or if it is browser-based
  • make a poll for people to register their interest
  • if you as game suggester could help organise with people times to play or pairing up or whatever is required. So maybe you give everyone a daily partner they can arrange a time with? Could do a round robin, a tournament, or just individual games for the fun of it. Whatever works best for the game and people who are interested. You can use this thread, a new thead, or take it to PMs.
  • or maybe just allocate a time of day that you are going to be available to play it and invite people to join you then?

@wileycat and @kermitwormit as you both already showed interest. Also can’t remember who but I know some people mentioned about online chess recently?


I wonder if haxball still works

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I want to get good at rocket league.

What was that drawing one we all used to play?


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Loved that

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I am online.

Rocket league chat in switch thread

I was going to suggest Board Game Arena but so many folk are trying to use it right now that it’s gone down.

We could all get really, really, really into Fortnite.

Let’s not, though.


Morning bump.

Board Game Arena is back up:

Who knows if it’ll stay that way once the Americans wake up. Lots of really great penoid stuff on there.


I’ve got Catan Classic app installed.

I signed up for the online bit but didn’t get the email.

However, I emailed

Or ios@usm.de depending

And they made it work.

So if you go into online and add buddies my username is


So you can play me at catan


Last night I played Trivial Pursuit over Zoom with my wife’s extended family. It was not enjoyable.

I have basically returned to DiS for the sole reason of trying trying to find iSketch and maybe also a thread about online games. I thought there would be more.

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Has anyone got any suggestions for a free browser based game for 8 players?

Got to do something with work people on Friday - have played skribbl.io and taboo.io before, so it needs to be something where people can just go straight on and play