Let's play two truths and a lie 🤔 (in poll form)

Which one is the lie?

  • A human bit me once
  • A cat bit me once
  • A goose bit me once

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If you choose the option of “results on vote” you can vote in your own and the answer is there

Can’t bet against goose warriors


Geese and swans are hardcore lads. They’ll bite anyone


I got chased by a Goose when I was biking along the Rochdale Canal between Tod and Sowerby Bridge when I was 8. Still scared of the white feathered, yellow beak ones.


oh god am i on a work training day?

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i have had no major interactions with geese (gooses) but i have been bitten by the other two

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  • I’m 29
  • I’m 34
  • I’m 32

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  • Saw a man trying to buy nothing but water
  • Saw a man trying to buy nothing but pasta
  • Saw a man trying to buy nothing but meat

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Might have fucked this poll up :woozy_face:

  • I saw someone piss in a cup at Kings of Leon
  • I saw someone throw up at Idlewild
  • I saw someone start a fist fight at Tegan and Sara

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