Let's pretend we're all going to start a new fitness regime in the new year

Think I might start up a couch to 5k thing and maybe aim for 10k later in the year. What are you going to pretend to do?

I’m going to pretend to join a new contemporary dance class.


Running a half marathon in march so gonna prepare for that.
Also DiS bike dorks in March which I need to prepare for.
Probably get pissed for all of April :sweat_smile:

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Exactly the same thing.

Couch to 5k.

Aiming to start this at lunchtimes at work, there’s a few lakes and stuff not too far away that one can jog / waddle around.

Just need to buy a bit of suitable kit and take things from there.

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Going to pretend to aim for 1200 miles running next year.


Get fit, lost weight, get back into running, stop eating so much shit and repeat every three months ad infinitum. Would like to get a bit faster on my bike to join a club but can barely make it up hills without dying so maybe in 2019.

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I’m going to pretend that kallgeese is going to join a new contemporary dance class


Ride my bike


i’m pretending i’m going to join a gym. might wait a few weeks because it might be full of new years resolutioners now. i might pretend to do yoga classes maybe. think i need to pretend to buy some new sports bras

gonna quit drinking

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Gonna get on the cycling in the new year and get back fighting fit. Don’t have a target in mind really… maybe 100k in one go before end of year?

Did c25k about 10 years ago and can’t reocmmend it enough. Not even that hard tbh.

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Oxford based right? @japes was part of a decent looking club there. Tap him up.

If you’re not, ignore this!

Get back into RPM and other assorted gym classes such as yoga, bodypump and get ripped to FUCK with my bf and his weights. Also, running in the park.

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Yeah I’ve had a look at the local club and I’m probably too slow for even their beginners. And I don’t have a road bike so I’ll probably just not bother, don’t want to start pretending I’m interested in bike bits.

@bluto @witches @rich-t

Not enough pretending going on here.


I’ve ridden a bike once in 4 months. Thinking that’s absolutely fine for pretending sake


Gonna actually do my ddp yoga every day

My TV is part, or rather, was part of a women’s only club called Breeze. They have groups on cities all over the country. It’s more of a social thing, but it’s nice to get out with similar abilities and away from the awful nature that lots of cycling clubs have. She recommends them highly

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HSBC breeze rides apparently

Just had a look and sounds great but the closest to me is in Milton Keynes :-1:

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