Let's pull off an elaborate hoax



We’ve got the brains and the chutzpah to pull off something audacious. Something that gets us headlines and airtime.

Come on, guys, Sean’ll love the exposure.

Let’s start brainstorming.


I vote that it involves Mumsnet


Something like Toothing.

The media love a story about tech-facilitated sexing.


I find this “Ste” thing really weird. How much energy are you saving by not saying the “ve”?


Chadders says he’s happy for me to pretend that I’ve saved him from some sort of disaster situation so that I get an award from the http://www.royalhumanesociety.org.uk/html/about.html.

I quite fancy being a hero for once.


classic saps thread this


But yes. Tech and sex could be a good angle.

If we can incorporate Smee’s van that would be good.


Can we not make up a band?

Like, get ma0sm to make a song, we’ll mock up some pics, send out some press releases, start some threads, see how it takes before they’re mentioned in the Guardian or Pitchfork.


but scamming is more 2016


Not sex-related, but reckon you could cook something up about the rozzers being able to check if people have been speeding by connecting to cars via Bluetooth.

I’ve seen/heard similar rumours about VOSA remotely checking lorry drivers for dodginess as they drive along, so reckon it’d catch on with car drivers too.


can we not just trick people into clicking on meatspin?


I can see the Mail headline now.


I’m in


Over the weekend I accidentally spread the rumour that a band had run someone over.


We could pretend that Michael Jackson has died and therefore his concerts at the O2 are cancelled?


You’ve put me into a joke reply mess here, because I can’t get past the far too obvious response of “The Cars?” but there must be a better one than that.


I’m still choosing to believe that they did though because it’s much funnier than the truth.


I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the chutzpah, let’s make lots of elaborate hoax.


that was a good un but i felt so bad for them when i read the truth :disappointed:


Popular music website drownedinsound.com is shutting down