Let's say I were to offer you your favourite food for free, daily


or at least a specific food of your choosing, ON THE CONDITION that you always had to eat it, every day. You could never say no.

Do we have a deal? And which food item would it be if so

  • Let’s do this
  • Barf

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note: you can have anything else you like of course. but your day would HAVE to include this item


Just hook the haggis up to my veins.


for every meal or just once a day? because no for the first, yeah sure for the second


Yeah no worries. I ate basically the same sandwich every day at school for five years, and pizza is much nicer than a tuna + mayo sweetcorn roll.


but let’s say you’re hungover or shitting through the eye of the needle. you still MUST eat it




Very pleasing to read.


I think I could manage it


i was going to do a ‘funny time to pray’ gag but no


Will have a think about what it could be




do you have to eat the whole thing every time?


:smiley: aha


see you’re thinking ahead. yes you do.


In fact this might even be preferable to all this awful choice I currently have. Hate choice, might get it wrong.


I’ll take some free peanut butter, cheers. The only reason I’m not eating it every day currently is because we were getting through so much of it the gf put an embargo on it.


currently smashing my way through a pot of almond and coconut butter. it’s the shit


Chocolate? Nay bother pal


cheese toastie :+1:


Isnt there supposed to be a down side?