Let's say I were to offer you your favourite food for free, daily


Bacon burger
Bacon burger
Bacon burger
Bacon burger
Bacon burger
Bacon burger
Bacon burger


Wait, is this one of those ironic twilight zone genie things? Are you about to reveal that we’d have to eat our entire body weight of our chosen foodstuff each day FOREVER?

If so my answer would still be peanut butter.


you need to imagine the worst possible point

which is going to be waking up with norovirus after drinking 10 pints and several shots.

and then someone goes ‘hiya mate. here’s the daily burrito’



Sounds fine?


quite happily start every living day with my advent calendar chocolate.


Smelling my hands at people choosing chocolate, though.


it’s xylo that brings it to you. he’s not wearing a shirt.


he puts on his robe and wizard hat


So i get unlimited free burritos and a manservant?


He’s a hirsute man, can’t be that difficult to imagine he’s wearing a mohair jumper.


i actually trim my bodyhair so that it looks like a jumper and i can walk around topless without being questioned


How specific? Are we talking a specific dish, or type of food, or cuisine in general? I could eat Chinese every day no problem, but if I had to eat just beef in black bean every day that’d get tiring.

Likewise, ‘pizza’ is fine but ‘meat feast every single time’ might not be. Please advise.

Cheese toastie is an excellent shout btw, always got room of one of those


one thing. so pepperoni pizza, spring roll etc


Mates and I have also been on a food scenario poll vibe lately. For a million pounds, would you give up sandwiches and pizza forever, including varieties (bagels, calzones, etc)?

  • Yes that money would change my life beyond the need for these foods
  • A million pounds isn’t even that much these days is it, I love sandwiches

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Actually, meat feast is fine :+1:


you’d be rich and you’d look amazing. fuckin gimme that money


my plan to beat your system was to claim my favourite food was a stack of £50 notes, then i could just eat one and leave the rest

but if i have to eat the whole thing… hmm… do you reckon they would survive the journey? i might be able to work around this


the new notes would survive surely. fucking paper cuts on the way out though buddy


The other day i worked out that if i ate three (takeaway) burritos a day for a year it would come to about £7k. A lot less than i thought tbh. Like a 5th of that if i was making my own.