Let's say, like budgie...you suddenly lose you job



how long do you think you could last without getting another job?

bout 4 years for me. I could easily live on metaphorical peanuts, would stop wasting money on expensive records and would happily stare at the net curtains for days on end


I’d need one absolutely immediately - no safety net here.


What’s the rule of thumb meant to be about how much of your salary you’re supposed to have in savings? Because I don’t think I’m anywhere close to it. But mostly because I get paid far too much.


What do you mean by ‘last’. Like I’d survive pretty much indefinitely on the dole, but I’d probably only be able to maintain my current QoL for a couple of months


A couple of months I think. I don’t even have a week’s worth.


Just live off my girlfriends pittance


Never heard it called that etc


whatever you want it to mean, man.


Oh. I’ve got that. Thought it was going to be six months salary or something.


A month or so. We really need both salaries for all our bills and shit. We have some savings, but I’d need to find a new gig straight away.


Barely a month


Think the recommended rule of thumb is 6 months’ worth of essential bills. So rent, gas, electricity etc.

For me that’d probably be £6k. I’ve got that but that’s my housing deposit savings - don’t have a separate emergency fund.


A year i reckon


Be alright though 'cos I’m at a stage of professional development where I could get a good amount temporary or contract work. It’d be shit, much worse paid and I wouldn’t be able to save and would have to curtail my lifestyle significantly but I could survive comfortably and that’s the main thing.


how come, brother? a man can easily live on £10 a week for food, for example.


No savings, rent and bills to pay none of which I could pay without my monthly income


Nine months and counting!


I’d be interested to know how long the depressive effects of not having a job would take to kick in for me. I like to think that it never would but that might be slightly fanciful.


It tends to kick in as soon as you start to worry about money


this has crossed my mind as well
retired people seem alright don’t they?