"Let's see your keys, mate" - A Hoogy thread brought to you by Yr Boy Tone


Hoogy wants a key thread and what Hoogy wants, Hoogy gets.

So, what keys are on you at all times. Mine are as follows:

Front door
Front door deadlock
Internal front door
Back door
My parent’s old house front door
Office fob external
Office fob internal


front door
flat door
garage where i keep my bike
bike lock
work fob

no keyring at present




Fob for gate & downstairs door
Front door
Front door deadlock
Windows & balcony door
Pedestal (at work)


clockwise from top:

front door key
mystery work pedestal key
current work pedestal key
Bullet Bill keyring my wife got with some Nintendo Vans
Bort keyring from my sister
front door deadlock key I think?


Car key
Flat key fob
Flat door key
Bike shed key
Bin shed key
Various supermarket fobs
Parkrun fob
Spare hair band
Bike lock key
Car key


No change since the last time we did this thread.


argh man, huge bunches of keys really stress me out :confused: gonna regret getting involved in this thread, aren’t i?


Then I refer you to my rather small bunch above, with a minimal 2 keys for your viewing pleasure.


other key


i saw and can confirm i was very impressed.


I had to get my coat for this!



'noid as fuck


  • Fob for front door
  • Bronze key for London flat
  • Chrome key for Welsh back door
  • USB stick (!) with various documents on

That’s it


are they attached to your rabbit’s tail? are you a furry?


Profk’s boring world of keys


Flat door key
Fob to my building
Fob for work door
Double lock key for work door
Extra fob for work door
Bike lock key (x2)
Letter box key
Small one that I can’t for the life of me remember what for
Tesco club card
Waitrose card