"Let's see your keys, mate" - A Hoogy thread brought to you by Yr Boy Tone

What if no one’s in?

I find this hilarious and it irks me quite a bit also

sounds unnecessarily stressful

are you not trusted with the keys?

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We’ve done that thread a couple of times too

  • House front door key
  • Parents house back door key
  • Key for my locker at work
  • Bottle opener keyring - picked this up for free at freshers week in my last year of uni 7 years ago. The taxi company logo bit has just recently fallen off
  • One of those cheap plastic keyrings you get in key-cutting shops - green.

I have far too many keys on my keyring cause if I take them off I forget where I’ve put them

Banned act?

Had to check that wasn’t Pedobear just now.

My keys are boring now. Just the two on a cheap generic keyring.

I honestly thought my reputation was better than that!

It’s Rilakkuma, also known as “lazy bear”. He’s basically the most Kawaii of all the Kawaii things. http://www.san-x.jp/characters/rilakkuma.html

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I mean I didn’t think it would be pedobear, I just had to check!

Two car keys
Front porch, front door, back door
Mum’s house
That little one I have no idea.

Tesco, RAC and Holland&Barrett fobs.
Union Jack keyring from when me and Mr S went to London as young just marrieds

Front door key
Patio door key
Parent’s front door key (gotta go over as they’re on holiday so whacked them on my keyring
@bikewanker keyfob (a Campagnolo downtube shifter)

Car key and logo key ring
Work fob
Front door key


That is EXACTLY what we hang our keys from at home too

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it’s great, i really like it!

youre right i dont believe you

If I didn’t live so near my Mum and constantly go round, and if I wasn’t away overnight so much, I would take 2 keys off of my keyring. I hate having so many keys, I don’t know how people with mega keyrings manage

Front door key
Waitrose card
Pets at home VIP card
Double-lock key
Bottle opener
Work fob
Local pub loyalty(?) card
Car stuff

I like your penguin :slight_smile:

I’ve had him for about ten years. He’s a great little guy.