Let's see your top 9 of 2016 thing then

You know, this thing off of the instagrams:

Feel free to say something about it as well but I’m on my phone atm so not going to bother with ALL THAT TYPING.


i don’t know how to do this

  1. Are you even on instagrambook

  2. Google it like I did

i googled it and found out but it won’t let me post it, get some kind of error. OH WELL.

Good thing there’s no such thing as screen shot or save picture as

oh is this it? https://2016bestnine.com/

mine don’t really make much sense:

i do really like the Glasgow picture (number 2) though


oh, NOW it works.


I’m not even on Livejournal

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I shan’t be participating with this thread, sorry

How was I not already following you on insta!? Jfc

NVM false alarm. Must just be the newish algorithm things that means I don’t see many of your posts, I guess.

i almost never post on it tbf

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Good thread.

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No Instagram shenanigans here, but:

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It pulls out tour most liked instagram pictures, so no, unless there’s a similar thing for facebook or something.