Let's see yr [SOMETHING]

In this thread a good and fun thing to do would be to request to see something belonging to your fellow community members.

For example, someone might post “Let’s see yr oven!” and then people would post pictures of their ovens.

It can be anything you want really but please make sure requests are of things that you actually want to see and would be willing to share a picture of yourself.

Ant, let’s see your oven!


Here you go!


Fantastic! How do you get on with electric hobs?

(Is chat allowed?)

Chat IS allowed!

I don’t like them at all frankly and the kitchen is by far and away my most loathed room in this flat. It’s too small, the electric hobs are a pain in the arse and there is nowhere to stack washing up. I really hate it.

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Btw, this thread is for requests for the community as a whole, not necessarily for individual requests so really everyone else should be posting photos of their ovens as well but I’ll let it slide due to my lack of clarity in the OP

The one advantage of electric hobs is ease of cleaning.

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Let’s see yr feet/shoes

It’s taken me ages to get used to an induction hob Tone but I reckon I’m there now. Quite a lot of control imho but this might be because we had a pretty shite gas hob in the old gaff.

This is a tricky one but here is the shirt my Dad got me on my first ever trip to Old Trafford and the ticket stub from the match. Extremely treasured possessions


Don’t think this one is induction, I’ve used those before and they’re good. This is just normal electric with the same lack of control that entails.

Feet AND oven!



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Oh shit, sorry chief. I hope one day soon you come to accept your hob and enjoy cooking many wonderful things for you and Mrs Pocalypsenow.

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Sorry about this everyone but it was a request and therefore I felt obliged to honour it.

Edit: this also counts as @profk 's request

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Think I’ll cry when the swt livery is finally replaced. A classic.

shorts in november. you’re a brave lad Ant - this comment also counts for you watching that WD. Saw it last night, and well, don’t get too excited.

I have literally no idea why I’m still watching this show. It has gone from being bad but with good moments to just out and out horrendous

how do you sit so far from your tv :frowning:

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