Let's see yr [SOMETHING]




Sorry about this everyone but it was a request and therefore I felt obliged to honour it.

Edit: this also counts as @profk 's request


Think I’ll cry when the swt livery is finally replaced. A classic.


shorts in november. you’re a brave lad Ant - this comment also counts for you watching that WD. Saw it last night, and well, don’t get too excited.


I have literally no idea why I’m still watching this show. It has gone from being bad but with good moments to just out and out horrendous


how do you sit so far from your tv :frowning:


Same. Still watching though, for Daryl obvs.


classic soundbar ant





South West Trains forever. Already not a fan of south western railway, they are doing a consultation to basically get rid of all trains stopping at Clapham junction thus forcing me to go to Waterloo and use the underground, south west trains would not have done this to me, their timetables basically never changed for their entire existence


It’s an optical illusion probably, I’d say I’m a normal distance from a TV.


That’s nothing!


That’s a pretty house you’ve made! What a clever boy!


Lets see more of these eh!


'kin 'ell m9, do you wanna sit any further away from the TV?


Please excuse the marks on my feet from my shoes!


This’ll end well