Let's take this half a gameweek at a time- The Football Thread 18/12

Hakan Yakin

The other had 2 wholly forgettable stints in England

I think I’ve exhausted my knowledge of Swiss footballers now.

Dermot Gallagher

Close, it was Pascal Zuberbühler

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I kind of had him in mind but thought he was Austrian.

West Brom and… Wigan, I’m going to say?

Fulham! (three seasons, 0 appearances, one europa league final squad)

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Its not

villa game is off

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Is it a rule now that all Burnley games must be called off 2 hours before kick-off?

Very strange and unhelpful rule if so


Robot Wars on Football Focus just now complaining that people from all over the world were going to be disappointed by postponing the Villa game today.


Classic but of Burnley shitehousery, getting games suspended last minute to stop relegation. That’s the Burnley way indeed.


Sure but as witnessed rn with Burnley vs Villa, that doesn’t mean they won’t get called off anyway

Yeah you might be right. I think both Burnley and Villa had reported cases, don’t think that’s the case with either Leeds or Arsenal?

What’s the story with fans in France, see the Lyon game was abandoned last night. They’d wanna relax like

ok right, fine. desperate times.

which of these is going on?

  • Dundee v Hearts
  • Livingston v Ross
  • Motherwell v St Johnstone
  • Rangers v Dundee again

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dundee hearts might be fun :smiley:


French club football fans have always been pretty wild tbf

Not sure but for example Liverpool went from 0 to suddenly having 3 the other night, shit is that out of control

The weird thing this weekend is that if the games do go ahead they will be full capacity (although a lot of folks will probably stay away)