Let's take this half a gameweek at a time- The Football Thread 18/12

Aye makes no sense at all

Like my brother and his wife have tested positive, so he’ll be forced to miss the game - but quite a few of his mates who have also been to most games home and away for the last 40 years have said they’re not risking it right before xmas

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Yeah couple mates of mine were quietly quite relieved West Ham vs Norwich is off today (inevitable performance and result notwithstanding)

The referee I was thinking of was Steve Bennett, by the way.



He reffed a charity match I played in the other week

Absolutely didn’t notice him all game, which you have to say is the biggest compliment you can give a ref


Poor Burnley were about to finally have their moment


Bournemouth look to be in the middle of fucking it

Fucking Corona man

What a dull Saturday

Bahahahaha Leipzig man, what are they like

(2-0 down to relegation fodder Arminia Bielefeld at home is what they are like)

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@Funkhouser Is this a Plymouth delicacy?


Like at Spurs the other month, that’s actually somehow not a terrible XI, given the extent of the absences - the worst injury crisis I can remember Leeds having.

But that bench, lol. All Under-23s, doubt they’ve got 100 senior league minutes between them. Archie Gray is literally 15.

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Genuinely can’t decide if this looks delicious or horrific.


Fuckin hell man meat aside that looks amazin

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Former Bayern Munich player, later manager of many Swedish clubs. 5 points for his name, 5 points for guessing the year this classic picture was taken

  • there’s more pizza twist under his hand
  • no, thats most of it

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no idea who it is.

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Seems the bottom of it is supported by the thumb, so not much more at all.

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