Let's take time to appreciate small things


You know the little stand on the back of photo frames, that are shaped in such a way that it works for standing the picture portrait or landscape? That’s really smart. I don’t think I would’ve come up with that.


I’m pretty sure you could have.


we’ll all be dead one day.


That’s very kind of you but I think you overestimate my problem-solving skills.


Working out wildcards in excel formula make you seem like a sorcerer


The mechanism that turns a kettle off when it stops boiling is so much better than the whistling ones. I appreciated that this morning.


I just adore the colours of autumn.




It may be getting colder, but we’ve still got two months before double winter kicks in.


I don’t know what this is but it looks like a potential for mess if I’m honest.


It’s an oblique Blink 182 reference.


My daughter said “we’re in Autumn Winter now” when we were walking to school. I nearly told her about Winters I and II.


Ahhhhh… very good. I appreciate this.


you did well to wait - with great knowledge comes great responsibility.


there’s a new dog that moved in down the road and he is called ‘Anthony’ .


what? like all your willies!!!




We know you do, and we appreciate it, Dave.


what’s the jude law’s mum thing about?