Let's talk about bands that have had a huge drop in popularity/critical praise

Animal Collective came to mind for me. There came a point when, through listening to their god-awful last two albums, I questioned whether they’d ever actually been good (thankfully, Feels, Strawberry Jam and MPP still stand up really well)…and this was underpinned by seeing them warble through a live set. It felt like they were critical champions in 2009…and now they’re met with derision.

However, both Deakin and now Avey Tare have released very sold albums recently…and that last AnCo EP was better…maybe they’ll be back.

What other bands fit this criteria?

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All of them.

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of Montreal

After Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer people were ridiculously hyped about them. Then Skeletal Lamping split the fanbase right down the middle and then False Priest alienated those who loved Skeletal Lamping meaning they tossed aside a large amount of their fanbase in 2 successive releases. Now you don’t hear people talking about of Montreal very much these days and their shows don’t seem nearly as well attended, the live show also took a dip in quality with the change in band line up. It didn’t help that they fragmented their live shows with their material from Lousy, which is their best post Hissing Fauna album, but didn’t fit the tone of their live show at all.




M.I.A is the first one that comes to mind.


The last two Animal Collective albums were brilliant, and they’ve never been better live.

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Trail of Dead

do people still get excited for Death Grips? I know they still have their own fanatical following, but it seems like the hype has considerably cooled since they “reformed.”


Bloc Party. Still, the drop off in popularity isn’t huge enough.


Odd Future.

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The Strokes. Couldn’t tell you when their last album came out/if they’re touring/still together.

Going to disagree with this one. They’re not big hot business any more, but 2001 was 16 years ago, and their albums still get decent reviews and they’re still playing big outdoor gigs, but they barely ever tour so you just don’t hear about them so much.

Please don’t anybody mistake me for a Strokes fan, The Strokes are shite.

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Manic Street Preachers

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Hardly. Still releasing great albums and selling out stadiums.


The only gigs they seem to play (to my knowledge) are those BST Hyde Park ones where the other night is headlined by Barry Manilow or somebody. You’d been stunned if they headlined a festival the size of, say, Latitude.

I’d be stunned if Latitude could stump up the kind of cash the greedy fuckers ask for.

And what’s this shit you’re talking about my man Manilow there friend? The man’s a goddamn cultural icon.

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Early days yet but I’m not sure even Haim’s parents know that their second album’s out.

Also thankfully it seems that most people have realised that Kozolek’s a bit* of a wanker and milked the Benji cow bone dry, only a couple of years after it was released

*a lot

New Haim album made it to No. 2 in the UK, top 10 in the US. Not sure they’ve totally vanished yet.

Razorlight. It’s absolutely ludicrous to think ten years ago they headlined Reading and Leeds