Let's talk about depth baby


Where’s the deepest place you’ve ever been guys?

I’m talking mines, oceans, canyons. Anywhere deep really.

(You can also talk about the highest place you’ve been for comparison if you want but I WILL NOT tolerate anyone going on about compass points, furthest east/west etc. That’s not what this thread is about.)


Do we still do mum jokes on the new forum?


I’ve always thought Johnny Depth would be a good pornstar name, shocked it’s not been taken tbh







What a load of old bollocks.




actually it’s probably The Deep aquarium in Hull(land)



Come on guys!

I reckon the deepest place I’ve been is the Krakow Salt Mines at 443ft deep! How’s about that eh!


Like sleep sugar, so rest upon my chest


Being serious for a minute, my answer’s probably le fucking shuttle mate


Thanks for treating this thread with the respect it deserves.


First place I lived was Market Deeping. Played for their rubgy team for several years as well. #ATTFACTS



I have nothing further to add.


I thought this would be deeper than Krakow’s Salt Mines (which I have been to), but apparently not:


We measuring everything from sea level Ant, or is it depth below ground level?

This is a serious thread to be treated seriously


If you could provide an example for both it would be fun maybe?

This IS a serious thread to be taken seriously but there’s no real rules to it (aside from the compass point stuff obviously)


30m below sea level, when scuba diving, probably.


That doesn’t seem that deep for a man as well-heeled as you pal