Let's talk about: infestations

Keep finding silverfish in my flat, I should probably be concerned about this, yes?

What infestations have you had? Let’s get this sexy Tuesday morning topic pumpin’.

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Moved into a flat once that we very quickly discovered had cockroaches. The managing agent wouldn’t do anything about it (conveniently it was written into the tenancy that pests were our responsibility) and after endless badgering we got them to let us out of the contract a few months early.

The flat I was living in up until the summer also had a problem with them, but it was quite minor. They weren’t nesting in the flat, just wandering in from the neighbours’ place. So as long as we kept it super clean they stayed away.

I’ve lived in about three places in Edinburgh that had a mouse. They’re pretty endemic in tenement flats unfortunately.

Moths, in one of the houses I lived in after I was a student. They started in a rug that the landlord had left in a top story storage cupboard and spread via the carpets to pretty much every upstairs room before we managed to get a handle on it.


We also had mice on and off for years in the last rented place I lived.

The house we’re in at the moment is the first that I’ve lived in that hasn’t had silverfish. They’re pretty harmless, I think, but can attack fabrics. You can get rid of them with chemicals, but they can live for ages without eating which makes their return likely.

Millipedes. Not too many, but they seem to live behind the skirting boards and come out to feast in the middle of the night. Appazo everyone has them in Glasgow tenements is this true or are we just filthy beggars?

Had a fly infestation during the summer. Like thousands of the big buzzy kind. Properly horrific, took me ages to work out that they were getting in from the loft - I presume something had died up there. Had to buy a dust buster to suck them all up. So so grim.

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Woodlice, moths, mice, cockroaches, wasps.

The joy of living in houses built pre-1900.

GF struggled to sell her flat because of japanese knotweed

When we moved into our flat there were mice droppings everywhere. We were pretty worried that we were going to have to sort out a mouse problem but since we properly moved in there’s been absolutely no trace of them. FINGERS CROSSED IT STAYS LIKE THIS :crossed_fingers:

The little pill millipedes? They get in everywhere, and it’s not really related to how clean you are, especially if you’re in an old place with timber floor joists.


Um they don’t look exactly like that but they’re definitely littler than the ones that come up when you google millipedes


pretty sure they’re millos but if you’re an extremely lucky boy I will take a photo of the next one I find and post it.

Never had what I’d class as an infestation but we do periodically have mice. Problem solved now because we’ve got a cat. There was obviously a new litter born either in our flat or nearby because we had a week last year where the cat was getting 1 or 2 a day. Every day we came home to a new dead mouse by the front door : (

Mice everywhere I’ve lived in London.

In the last place I started hearing them in the wall cavities but we were just about to sell so left them to it.

Caught loads in the current place. Realised there was a gap in the back of the house that I filled and we’ve been mouse free for a year now.

my kitchen had lots of these tiny black insects - almost like little dots, in the kitchen. It was an old kitchen full of nooks and crannies. Forced me to make sure all lose food like sugar, flour etc was sealed away as much as possible as they seemed to like to get into that stuff

I replaced the kitchen and they seem to be gone

Had an ant infestation in my old place once - that was a bit grim

Get lots of itty bitty slugs in my bathroom - especially late at night. Think they live under the bath. Will be getting the bathroom replaced soon, so hopefully I can get rid then

Anyone had rats? I’d move out if I had rats.

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How many spiders do you reckon are average to be in your house at any one time?

Had a random load of massive flies twice. Gone within a couple days

actually a really annoying one that I’d forgotten all about was ants. the little fuckers are persistent and get fucking everywhere. our neighbours on both side had them too. the best solution we came up with was to literally pour shitloads of ant powder around the entire outside perimeter of the house. it worked for a while but in order to keep it up we would have needed to have spent about half our income on ant powder and probably give the property official contaminated land status pretty quickly.

Yep, we’ve had mice too. Remember laying awake in bed first thing in the morning and hearing them scuttle underneath the floorboards. Yuk

Had a problem with squirrels in my last place too. A roofer blocked the eaves, where they’d first gained access. It trapped them inside and they subsequently found a way into our bedroom. I remember opening the bedroom door to find the tiniest of dirty footprints on EVERYTHING as they must’ve been searching for a way outside.