Let's talk about mints

Recently reintroduced the humble Softmint into my life and I’m very much enjoying them.

I like to crunch one up and then suck one and try to only have those two in any given sitting (which is tough!)

What mints do you like? I also like Fox’s Glacier Mints (don’t talk to me about the fruit equivalents though!)


Bag of butter mints for any flight are a must in my book.

had a trebor extra strong mint last week for the first time in ages, enjoyed, would have again.


These ones?

What’s the selling point for them over the Everton Mint?


Got a packet of XXX Extra Strong Mints (Peppermint) on my desk right now at this very instant in front of me I’m looking at them as I type this

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I like mentos and although they are really shit find smint very addictive.

Too many Smints and you’ll have do a poo in your pants!

If anyone has any questions about the ingredients or nutritional information of a packet of XXX Extra Strong Mints (Peppermint) then feel free to ask.

What’s the percentage of mint extract in those bad boys Dingers?

Mints are mint


Yeah, them are the lads I think. For some reason they are called ‘Butter Mintoes’ on the bag it seems, which is slightly irritating.

No idea what an Everton mint is - Looks like a knock off humbug to me?

I like that! “Mints are mint” really does the job! I think someone from Trebor would be very interested to hear a slogan like that!

Remember eating two packs of polos on the bus back from a school trip when I was about 10. I managed to ‘clamp up’ until we got home but that’s how I learned about their laxative effects.

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Not that question please Ant


I believe that a humbug doesn’t have a chewy centre whereas an everton mint does?

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Warm memories, fondly told. Thanks for your input A-Twinkz


Trebor is roberT backwards.

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Oh right, humbugs have a strongish flavour don’t they? Your butter mint is nice and creamy, almost like a Werther’s.

Also - and this should’ve been my opening gambit really - The Quorn stuff is alright in bolognese

ooooooooh… mints