Let's talk about New Year's Eve


What the hell are you doing? I’ve just realised I have no idea. Might stay in and drink some tea.


In a catastrophic piece of scheduling Rangers and Celtic are playing on Hogmanay, wrecking pretty much the entire West of Scotland’s plans.

Literally nobody I’ve spoken to knows how to approach it - a popular approach seems to be to start drinking as early as possible, pass out late in the afternoon, then get back up before the bells to start again. It’s a conundrum though.


Ignoring it and hoping it goes away.


i hate NYE and normally don’t do anything but my boyfriend is going to a party and i feel like i should go for a little while at least. it’s film character themed fancy dress i think. think i’m working that day so might just go in my work clothes and claim i didn’t have time to change


Let’s not. Wife’s working at a great gatsby themed party and there’s no way in hell im going so i’ll stay in and do nowt.


Off to Northern Ireland to hang with one of my ATDs and her bf for New Year’s Eve/Day. Quite excited about it*.

(*being surrounded by sexy NI accents)


Quite like the sound of a Great Gatsby themed party (sorry).


I’ll probably go out to some night or other. It’ll be shit, but the alternative is staying in with my housemate who hates NYE and will be on the sofa all evening with a face like a slapped arse moaning about the crap on the telly.

  • House Party cos I know a good time
  • I like being in busy crowded places full of twats
  • Staying in my house with no one invited
  • I am working
  • Other

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does anyone wanna do something for real? I don’t have plans and I think it would depress me to stay in again.


I don’t want to do anything. Might drink a couple bottles of baileys and play video games


I might book a holiday


I went to one for NYE 2013 and it was one of the worst nights of my life :thumbsup:


maybe I’ll do some charity work?


no plans, got nae pals
only ever had one adult new years where i actually did something that didn’t involve staying in or drinking scotch at my uncle’s annual party


I guess it’s one of those things that sounds like it could be good, but in reality would be full of twats (ericthefourth’s other half aside).


going to a beach where there’ll be a big fire, should compensate for not having bonfire night here


This sounds like the best one so far.


Worst part of NYE is the indecision and waiting around. Just going to go to some dance night, get wrecked and ignore anyone’s bullshit.


Am aff tae Budapest