Let's talk about noirs! 🕵 👀 🕵️‍♀

yeah I enjoyed it at the time, might give it a rewatch actually

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Just watched “Reminiscence”, which is very noir-inspired. It’s set in the future but everything’s so dystopian it might as well be the 1940s.

Huge Ackman is a grizzled PI who says things like “the dead don’t make phone calls”, and Thandiwe Newton is his no-nonsense sidekick who says things like “my philosophy is ‘don’t die’, and I’ve used up plenty of bullets to keep it that way”.

Some nice sets and world-building, but it was really very bad.

Just watching The Thin Man as we speak, loving the focus on cocktails so far

Pre-Code murder mystery but I think it’s noir adjacent

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Christmas season is fine noir season

Watched one set around Christmas time, although it barely factors in, called I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes. 70 minute one about a guy wrongly imprisoned fot a murder snd his wife’s hunt to find who did it. Great

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I watched Gun Crazy last night. I’d heard it was good but I didn’t expect it to be quite so damn horny. Good lord. And that heist scene - oh my. Some amazing shots and camerawork throughout. Pulpy as fuck but top tier stuff nonetheless.

I’m at 28/100 out of the BFI top 100 noirs now. Hoping to make a big dent in 2022.


Is the heist scene that one where its filmed from the back of the car?

That’s the one. I read somewhere that they didn’t tell the city they were filming either, they just went for it. Stunning piece of film making.

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yeah that is a ridiculously impressive shot!

Really liked Naked City, great little procedural then an exhilirating ending. The motovations for the murder were weak as though

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This is wonderful

Ava Gardner :heart:


Beautiful stuff but that Follow Me Quietly one creeped me right out!

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Trying to get some Christmas themed ones watched, Repeat Performance from 1947 was my first last night. A woman kills her husband on NYE and wishes she could redo the year and after a bit of seasonal magic, she can

Its not too noiry, more of a drama really but its really good

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Cover Up from 1949 is a bit frustrating. it’s a really good premise - an insurance investigator goes to a town following a guy’s suicide and it seems there’s a bit more going on amongst the whole town, but the actual clues and evidence he gets are paper thin - it all hinges really on a gun which is established right away. Could have been fleshed out a lot more