🍳 Let's talk about pans 🍳

What you using, what you wanting, what’s the material of choice

Got a few classic cheap non-stick ones that are starting to get a little flaky, so looking to upgrade. Thought about cast iron but really cba with all that, so I think some stainless steel might be the way to go - oven safe, baby. The ceramic coated ones look pretty sweet too tbf - though not sure I’m at £50-a-pan stage yet


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This is our main frying pan and it is exceptional. Only downside is that it isn’t dishwasher sage but I’m not sure non-stick ones ever are.

I bet there’s an exceptionally snobbish subreddit about pans

All Le Creuset all the time

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Now you tell me!

@anon5266188 even frying pans? I have a LC (or v similar knockoff) casserole pot which I love so maybe I should just commit

I have a LC flat frying pan and a LC chef’s pan. They are beautiful and kind.

Pans always take up too much room in a dishwasher anyway.

Also take up too much room in my sink

Big fan of @Lo-Pan


I have so many pans. Far too many, but still never quite enough. I tend to associate each pan with a specific thing to cook.

I have one of those green pans in the OP. A little frying pan. It’s amazingly non-stick and stuff just slides off it, but mine stained really easily despite washing it well.

Love a good pan. I really like the cookware section of a TK Maxx.

there are many housemate crimes, but damaging non-stick pan surfaces is probably the worst


watched that mark ruffalo film and now im a bit worried that my pans might be killing me, but i can’t afford new pans so I guess I just have to accept it


I have a pan and a saucepan and as long as my pans have metal handles I don’t mind it’s other features.

Shutter Island?

that’s right, i watched shutter island and now im worried my pans are killing me, but i can’t afford new pans so I guess I just have to accept it


Just got myself on eaziglide book. Not looking back. Best for pancakes

my main pans are these 3

super easy to clean, sturdy handles, gbop