Let's talk about raffles

As mentioned in the daily thread, I’m organising a big raffle that’s taking place in a couple of weeks’ time and I thought it would be fun to share some raffle related experiences, good and bad. I have a feeling this is something that the DiS community might have strong opinions and plenty of anecdotes about.

One of my favourite raffle memories will always be the FIX raffle at one of the Zoninos, even if the memory itself is somewhat blurred (as it was, after all, a Zonino).

What is your best or worst raffle related memories? Are you an experienced raffle organiser and have some wisdom to share? Either way, this is the thread for you.

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I won the kelloggs raffle at my local Somerfield and won a cd and tape player and it was good

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my only wisdom to share is that it felt good to have the winning prize. hope this helps

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What was this?

Do you remember how much you paid to enter the raffle?

Just a raffle that bamos won and everyone started shouting FIX and it went on for some time. That’s it, that’s the anecdote.


In one of my old jobs, they ran a daily raffle for everyone who turned up in the week before Christmas. Prizes included TVs, consoles, £100s of shopping vouchers etc.

Was absolutely stoked to have my name pulled out on Christmas Eve and then INCENSED to be presented with a novelty bubble bath in the shape of a Dalek.

Fuck Dr Who and fuck turning up at work before Christmas.


Oh shit, yeah

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I don’t think @anon50098204 was at that Zonino!

2009 or 2010, maybe.

EDIT: maybe he was

Think i was. Sounds vaguely familiar. Might have been from reading about it later though.

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It was the one with the fundraising for Gresley Rovers, after they went into liquidation.

EDIT: definitely 2009, because I can remember the photos.

Yep - i was there

How have we still never had an actual conversation? We’ve been in so many of the same places and events

Also what even is your memory

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what’s up with the alpaca raffles these days?

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For marckee time is not linear.


I’ve just found the post-Zonino! 4 thread from the old boards, and a link to the photos…

You were there, but asleep for most of it, by the looks of things…


A promoter near here books a lot of venues that don’t actually have booze licences, so they put on raffles instead. £3 for a ticket from the cans book, £3.50 from the wine book. Odds of winning are excellent.


Don’t think I like raffles.

The time I met the best one