Let's talk about selfie threads


So, the set-up we’ve had for a while now is this: Selfie threads are as open and public as the rest of the social board, with the exception that they are NOT included in automated digest e-mails (“newsletters”).

that are either posted in or moved to Social > Selfies, which is not the same as tagging a thread “selfies” as I have done here:

But rather done like this, which I would do if this were actually a selfie thread:

When this is done (same for Social > Pets AND Social > NSFW, btw) the thread remains open and public like the rest of the social board and all the mundane stuff we post about around the clock, BUT like I said, will not be in any automated e-mails.

Some users have given the impression that they would prefer if the threads were closed and only accessible to registered and logged-in users, much like the whole of the Serious Matters board. I would like your opinions on this. At the same time, I would like to remind you that even if we do this, literally anyone can sign up for an account on DiS at any time, and even with accessibility restrictions in place, any and all parts of DiS should always be understood and treated as a public space. There are thousands of users.

With all of this stuff in mind, please do partake in the following poll if you would like.

Anonymous poll (please also see further polls later in this thread):

  • I am fine with selfie threads being open and public.
  • Might be good if selfie threads were only visible to registered and logged-in users but I don’t feel strongly about it.
  • I would vastly prefer if selfie threads could only be seen by registered and logged-in users.
  • I have no strong opinion on the matter.
  • I have another opinion that I will share in a comment.

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tagging in the rest of the @moderators for their FAO

Selfie threads mostly appeal to people who post or at least lurk regularly, i imagine. I find it unlikely that we’ve got huge numbers of unregistered users browsing the selfie threads in the same way that might happen with the music boards, for example. So if the concern is that we might get recognised by someone we know offline, if that hypothetical person is looking at the selfie thread they probably have an account, so would be able to see the thread anyway. So making them visible to logged in users only probably doesn’t significantly reduce the chances of getting recognised.

I’m not saying I feel strongly that they should remain visible to all, I just think we need to be clear on if there is actually a problem, what the problem is, and if the proposed solution actually solves it.

Fully agreed on continuing to have them not go out in the automated emails


Yeah, and to be clear I’m not raising a debate on this here. Not planning to change that, just highlighting what the current set-up actually is, as I think a lot of people get confused about it.

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I would like to also take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Lounge exists! A full sub-forum available to everyone on Trust Level 2 and up (in other words, all the regulars)




Yeah, no Swedes allowed obviously.


Ok try the Lounge again now if it didn’t work for you before, either from the link or from the front page

My strongest feeling about selfie threads is that I would vastly prefer if they were deleted on a monthly or even weekly basis.


How often do you think selfie threads should be deleted?

(Anon poll)

  • Weekly-ish
  • Monthly-ish
  • Up to a year like it is now is fine

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’This thread will selfie destruct in 3 weeks’

All the likes get saved into one big ’selfie likes’ aggregated score


One more poll for good measure:

  • If selfie threads were deleted weekly-ish, I don’t think they would need restricted accessibility
  • I think they should be restricted in any case
  • I don’t think they should be restricted anyway
  • Other, please comment

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don’t mind

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If anyone is willing to share why they think restricted selfie threads would be better, I’d love to hear from you!

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Thanks, this is a good and helpful reply. Hope others will also want to add to the polls as it helps me identify challenges and possible solutions :slight_smile:

@sean , do you have any opinions on this?

Sorry dude its only for people outside of the eu

We don’t want your regulations

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That idea definitely made me uncomfortable so I set my profile to be hidden, can’t remember how but I guess its a settings option, just for anyone who wants their profile kept private. It makes me feel better about posting selfies for sure knowing someone has to specifically click into a thread and scroll to see one


I think most of us would be behind something that encouraged more involvement and gave confidence to those DiSers who have considered posting but haven’t done so. As such, I’d say the more secure the better. Delete the pics within a week, restrict the people who can see them while they’re up


how come everyone is in this group except me :frowning: