Let's talk about selfie threads

how come everyone is in this group except me :frowning:


No Spaniards in that one I’m afraid


that list is like a who’s who and a ‘who?’ of DiS

I’m not going to be particularly eloquent here, so forgive me in advance.

For me, the idea of a bunch of my friends being able to see my pics - fine - even more fine if the posts are deleted in a week or so.

I realise that anyone can sign up for an account, but that makes me feel happier than Joe Bloggs scrolling thru selfie threads (possibly on a regular basis). Not to mention Joe Bloggs who I know offline scrolling through a selfie thread because they happened upon a Radiohead post from years ago and decided to have a browse.

I dunno. My psyche just says (for random arbitrary reason), I’d prefer selfies to be accessible to logged in users only, and regularly deleted.


Regular jerks

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Thanks tilty, good input! :+1:

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I would prefer regular deletion and private threads, if not both than one or the other would do.

I guess it’s the thing that most concretely links the account to the individual, which is fine but every now and then I think a little more anonymity might be nice.


It’s weird - there are only 100ish regular users? I thought there would be more!

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100ish that can be trusted


Lots of regulars aren’t level 3. I’m not and I’m here all the fucking time


Do the selfie threads have much activity after a week has passed? My impression is that people are only interested in the current one, and it isn’t essential to have the previous one around.

Restricted + deleted after after a week makes a lot of sense. It’s the most secure but keeps the selfie threads going. There’s also a bit of an appeal in having it be a clean-slate each time around. That way might be more welcoming to new people, as it wouldn’t feel like you’ve missed out on the history, and that there’s always a good time to post a selfie for the first time.


I’m not there either, but my favourite badge is the good new user one, some great disers there like @GoFasterStripes and @Sulawesi and @tilty and also some icons from my childhood @Desree and @topcat


Me too :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, it’s locked because there were issues around certain users being able to edit others’ thread titles and stuff.

So it has nothing to do with how much anyone is on here and it hasn’t for a long, long time

Oh btw, for any restrictions to work on selfie threads they’ll need the same treatment with being posted in Social > Selfies, so please everyone memorise the screenshot in the OP :innocent:

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I’m not sure I really understand the issue, sorry.

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Ok well I think the will of the community is that selfie threads are 1) only viewable to registered and logged-in members, and 2) deleted on a weekly basis. If you see any problems with this please let me know :slight_smile: