Let's talk about the organisation of your pockets


It will be interesting, entertaining and useful to discuss which pockets we keep which things in probably.

I’ll start:

Front left: Keys
Front right: Phone
Back left: Empty
Back right: Wallet
Coin pocket: Empty

Please follow this format but allow for any deviations that sometimes occur in your pocket organisation schemes. I never EVER deviate from the above however.


Front left: wallet. Keys if no jacket
Front right: phone
Back left: n/a because I’m not an idiot
Back right: see above


Front left: wallet
Front right: phone, miscellaneous (smoking stuff/notes/receipts etc)
Back left: empty
Back right: keys, plectrums


Male privilege!!!


u don’t wanna know mate!!!


Is this the sort of thread that @witches was hoping for?

Front left: wallet; train season ticket (where applicable); loose change
Front right: phone

HOWEVER in my current pair of trousers I store any loose change in my back pocket because there’s a hole in my front left pocket (and I don’t want to scratch my phone with coins)

HOWEVER I actually have no loose change as I brought the exact money with me this morning to buy a copy of the i before boarding my train.


Sorry Nikkers. This isn’t intended to be a man’s man manly thread or anything. It’s dead stupid to me how pockets are so regularly missing from ladies’ clothes. There’s that corny observational comedy thing about how girls always say “it’s got pockets!” to people that compliment their outfit if the outfit has pockets isn’t there which probably speaks volumes about it.


Front Left: Wallet
Front Right: Phone
Back Left: nada
Back Right: keys

Couple of extra things though…big fan of inside pockets on coats (put everything there) and that little pocket-within-a-pocket in the Front Right of jeans: great shrapnel storage.


Right: money (bout 17 quid)
Left: empty
Back right: two plectrums
Back left: one plectrum


I was fully expecting a “Hey maaaan, don’t be square dude, put your things in whatever pocket you like, don’t have a system, systems are for naaaarks” or something like that from you. Unexpected treat!


Front left: Phone
Front right: Wallet
Back left: Empty
Back right: Empty
Coin pocket: N/A

Keys are in my coat pocket.


Yeah, it sucks. Love a dress with pockets, but even then they’re never robust enough to hold actual stuff, and pockets in ladies jeans are usually tiny.


People who keep their keys in their pockets:




What about if you aren’t wearing a coat?


I also pocket dump a lot…when I get somewhere safe to leave my valuables. Think most of my jeans/chinos are a tad too tight so it’s a big relief to do this.


Absolutely no organisation or thought goes into what lurks within my pockets.

Coat jacket pockets -

left/right -

plastic insects
old scrumpled bus tickets
my surprise supply of change! I like to evenly disperse my change throughout the flat, my rucksack and my pockets so every so often I’ll get a suprise! "OOOoooo, I found a quid! Brilliant!!"


Mate I absolutely need these things to be muscle memory or I’d be sleeping rough 4 nights a week
Hey ant btw Sunday morning I sent a drunken application to appear on the chase


Bag: everything

Fuck the patriarchy


I dont think i have ever once used a coin pocket