let's talk about the stonks market(s) and possible depression πŸ’ΈπŸ’²πŸ“‰πŸ˜¬

What’s this about then?

the twitter account has been suspended already.

Huge if true!

I have no idea

We’re fucked

The SEC have no jurisdiction on any crypto other than those they claim are securities (XRP case coming up), so Musk could say absolutely anything and he would be fine. Not sure how it works when the $1.5bil you pour in is from Tesla…
Anyway, this is funny!


Pretty much Musk’s MO, isn’t it? Everything else around him is just a publicity stunt to raise his profile and convince Joe Public to buy worthless stock/sell it when he wants, thus making an awful lot of money out of speculating for him and his mates.

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Shit I forgot all about that. I remember him being absolutely ridiculed for negotiating his contract himself without an agent.




So I took 25 quid profit from the 100 I invested and now I’m at 82. My ability to gain or lose 2% on my investments whilst there are apparently massive dips within a bull market is uncanny.

See they’re doing the GME thing again

Up 100% at close.

And all of Reddit down atm lol

They’re doing AMC again too, which is good as I forgot I bought five AMC shares at the start of lockdown for about 20 quid. Need to remember to sell this time.

sold off everything when it bounced back this morning and took Β£200 profit as bitcoin was looking very dodgy…will probably buy Nano if it drops to $3.80 or something.
Thanks for reading my #cryptostory

Also Charlie Munger saying the gamestop stuff was a dirty way to make money is very funny. Not like the good old noble days of making billions on the stockmarket!

Tempted to bang a hundred on Doge as that’ll probably pump after GME again

Wondered why my stonks were looking suspiciously healthy (relatively). AMC too.

If it reaches the peak it did last time I will not be holding, but selling

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Goddamn paper hands, smh

yeah me too

Tell me you all held guys