let's talk about the stonks market(s) and possible depression πŸ’ΈπŸ’²πŸ“‰πŸ˜¬

Interesting to see Deliveroo’s debut on the financial market looking like being a bit of a disaster. Was clearly overvalued, but could it be that the city is showing concerns for workers rights - surely not!

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That’ll be the last tech float on the LSE


Are Teletubbies going to crash the markets somehow?

Just realised what tomorrow is :unamused:

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i assumed concern was that the workers might get the correct rights?

Exactly. Seems strange that the city is concerned about something that is actually correct and the right thing to do!

You can buy the man from the stonks meme as a player skin in Fortnite now. His name is Diamond Hanz.

This is not an April fools thing.

Can’t imagine that there is any genuine concern - more a worry about how they could possibly get human beings to deliver food for any cheaper than they do already, which i suppose in investors minds hamstrings their ability to scale. They were losing loads of money already from what I read, and I’ve noticed their riders are now doing multiple dropoffs per trip which is clearly an attempt to squeeze them even harder.

It was a great service but it was obvious from the first time I used it that it didn’t add up.

You reckon? Much as I love to dump on this country I think this is all on Deliveroo.



Bloomberg agree with me :grinning:

This was quite interesting. Although lots of the papers say similar to that Bloomberg article.

NFTs for a dead man’s art. I find this pretty reprehensible

I also enjoyed this video debunking a lot of stupidity around NFTs, and pointing to how it can be done responsibly if you’re arsed


Any reason for Dogecoin going crazy in the last day or so?

I only bought Β£20 wortth at $0.65 a couple of months back for a bit of fun, and it immediately fell back to around $0.5. But now just jumped to Β£1.32, roughly doubling in just over a day.

I’ve no idea tbh - I check in on Doge Reddit every now and again and they were just posting To The Moon memes and getting excited whenever Musk tweets about it as usual when it started to rise. I’m feeling good about keeping exactly 420 Dogecoins lying about in case it shot up though. I’ll meme myself rich yet!


General bump in crypto at the moment due to Coinbase going public, not sure why DOGE has gone up so much specifically but it’ll be interesting to see if it can hold a new level.

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Well it’s up to nearly 2.5 now and I’ve more than tripled my money. Crazy. Now I’m inevitably kicking myself for not putting every penny I had into joke dog money instead of saving a token joke amount. I imagine the big Wall Street guys feel like this all the time.

I put 30 bucks in during the last round of excitement, managed to double it so pulled the profit and have left the original 30 to see what happens, so this is a pleasant surprise!

(also think it’s going up again on 420 because this is the Dude Where’s My Car of crypto)