let's talk about the stonks market(s) and possible depression 💸💲📉😬

In fairness I don’t think it’s particularly turned into the official DiS hedge fund thread, but it’s probably reasonable to hive off the various bitcoin things into another thread, or just change the title on this one and start a new “Stock Markets in general (no investment chat)” thread.


Your initial posts were judgemental in that they implied it was just people who were well off investing in this. Subsequent replies have stated this isn’t the case and a lot of people investing in the space have very little money and concerned for their financial future. They’d rightly or wrongly rather take a punt and try and change that. It will probably end in tears for a lot of people.
As an aside you should probably change your username as Dumbo has its origins from the word dumb and apparently that has been deemed a word not to be used on here.

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Nah this is terrible logic. There’s nothing ‘uncourageous’ about someone choosing to voice their opinion in a thread in a general sense without needing to reply directly to whoever it is they are talking about. Turning it into a criticism of acorn is just weird.


Like, it’s the nature of long-running threads to deviate from their initial course like peak- period Simpsons episodes, and fair enough to point out that it’s not exactly a Ronseal thread any more.

Not being overly defensive, personally I couldn’t care less what you or anyone thinks of me on this website. The last few months and people’s behaviour to others have shown not to hold any stock in people’s opinions and judgements on here. I just thought I would pull you up on some of your sweeping statements when you don’t know people’s financial circumstances.

I agree with this broadly. See, more hypocrisy from me! It should have its own thread where this discussion is understood to be taking place in its context rather than here.

This is the sort of thing where it can cause trouble for people when they come in looking for discussion of what’s going on in the economy and get a face full of investment chat. It’s better to keep things separated so people know what’s going on, not so people can hide and avoid judgement or whatever, but to avoid situations that lead to discomfort for everyone. There are moral and ethical issues with investing that are legit to call out. People also have their own agency and will make the decisions that they are comfortable with and suit them.

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Private poll cos I forgot to make it public

  • Lock the thread and start 2 new threads (stonks and investments/economic fallout)
  • Change this threads title to “stonks and investments” with another thread for economic depression
  • Cut out the thousand posts about GME/dogecoin etc into its own thread

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Any ideas for new thread titles are welcome!

yeah, the thread moved away from its initial discussion about 5 months ago, people started discussing profit, so did I, and blurred it. I agreed there should be a separate thread. You started making snippy posts when you could have just suggested a separate thread from the start.

Split it out in whatever way is least faff for the mods imo.


HOLD me closer tiny profits

This is what my family have made silly money with

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Good, I’m glad for your family

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Elton John presents :rocket::rocket: Man: the greatest hits, ft.
Tiny Profits
I’m Still Holding
etc I cba to come up with more puns I don’t care that much


Elon John


Ahh fuck

Genuinely sickening imagery that.

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Let’s not start laying into acorn and others. Tbh I always just thought this thread was about crypto I didn’t realise it’d spun off from a more serious thread. It’s not unreasonable to ask that this thread either gets back on topic and people post with consideration of others, or we lock and create two separate threads (maybe easier?)

Also I don’t think people making money off crypto (or who know people who are) are naive to the issues with that


they’ve already talked about that re: username, raised it themselves and sought perspectives

would you have brought it up if you didn’t see it as something to attack them with?

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having a username named after a soft toy from a film is not the same as investing in crypto and other markets. ridiculous to even have to say that ^

you’re attacking them on something pretty much irrelevant, and you’re doing it because you bear a grudge against them because they call you out on things/haved called other people out on things and you’ve felt targeted

calling their posting ‘moral hectoring’ is dismissive of the genuine issues they post about

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surely you recognise that this place is significantly better than it used to be, because of the efforts of a handful of posters?

it got impossibly fraught earlier in the year, but the context of the pandemic has to be factored into that. it doesn’t mean there weren’t genuine issues being raised that we all have to face up to if we’re trying to be the best people we can be.

nobody likes feeling targeted, but it’s important to deal with that feeling in a way that isn’t just lashing out, regardless of who’s saying what.

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Hi gang! Please have a free time out on the house until I (or another @moderators) can split this into two threads later on. Feel free to DM me/us in the meantime.