Let's talk about wine 🍷

I love a glass of fermented grape juice. Here comes the big question:

  • Red
  • White
  • Contrarian Option

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Opinions on wine below. Extremely mundane opinions complaining about wine can be shortened to :baby: if you need to save time.

been getting more into Malbec recently. Used to be all about the rioja but think I might have been taken in by the wine nets.

best wine is still Sardinian cannonau


not to be confused with winnets

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Good barrels for ageing sours or stouts imho

Big fan of reds from the Languedoc region at the moment



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never had a white i’ve really enjoyed. few that are ‘fine’ but nothing more.

a montepulc for me pls

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I get a bit suspicious of wine if it looks too purple.

good point, could be diluted with ribena

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South American lads for me. Chile espesh.

Based on a very poor pallette and extremely limited knowledge.

Love a Malbec and a Pinot Noir. Keep the light stuff, I want it bodied as fuck.


Wine is ok but I don’t think a drop (other than fizzy shit) has touched my lips in maybe 1.5 years.

As UB40 famously sang about

Red, red wine
Is very nice
I drink it some times with a meal
And some times at home


Is fizzy wine really wine?

Rats in my kitchen
but that’s fine because I’m in the lounge with a full bodied rioja


Actually think red wine is the nicest alcoholic drink that isn’t cocktails

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Fizzy wine death fight poll

  • Prosecco
  • Champagne
  • Cava
  • One of the other ones

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My friend worked in a pub that some DiSers are probably in danger of frequenting in Stoke Newington where they forced the bar staff to fill house wine bottles with box wine on the sly.

I will say that I do not find champagne nice and would go as far as to say I find it Not Nice

oh, xylo’s gonna hate this

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Gonna wine about it isn’t he?