Let's talk Blood Orange/Dev Hynes

New album/mix tape due out this week I think. Been billed as a sort of Negro Swan companion piece. Love Negro Swan so sounds good to me.

Any fans? I haven’t ever listened to Lightspeed Champion or Test Icicles.

Liked Cupid Deluxe which was full of catchy tunes, not got on with anything else at all

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More of a fan of the pop bangers he’s written and produced for others than his own solo stuff

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Suddenly remembered recently that I saw Lightspeed Champion live once like a decade ago. Had forgot about it completely. Always found LS a bit bland though

I have not listened to Blood Orange (but Test Icicles were alright)

Really like all his stuff, Negro Swan especially is great, such s strange Atmosphere on record

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Any specific favourites?

Cupid Deluxe is his best album although Freetown Sound has Hadron Collider which is a great song.

Also wrote Everything is Embarrassing, helped with True EP with Solange, All That. He went through a real purple after Cupid Deluxe of pop songs.

Really loved ‘Coastal Groves’ and need to listen to his other output more frequently.

Test Icicles were great fun back in the day but can’t imagine they’ve aged particularly well.

He features in this song which is pretty great.

I used to know him a bit as a teenager and I can’t believe how famous he is :smiley: g’wan dev