Let's talk clocks baby!

I want to buy a clock. I want it to be big, wall mounted and nice, and not make a clicking sound. Show me some good clocks or post pictures of your clock. Keep it clocky.

btw I can’t actually afford a clock so please also give me a clock

There was a dead good clock I used to see online ages ago that I always thought “I’d like that clock” about but I don’t remember what it was now.


“The Spot is to the Show what the Dot is to the original Echo”



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in b4 I just use my boring device

i still dont get it. what’s the point of it. I already have a smartphone.

You’re talking to me as if I read the article.


do you own an actual physical clock

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isn’t telling the time kind of an outmoded concept?

main (well not main but one of the) reason I want one is so I have no excuse to have my phone on me constantly when chilling out in the living room/kitchen

I have…

1, 2, 3, 4, … SIX clocks. six. 6.

aaaand 5 watches.

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I bought one of these off eBay. It was from the States though and won’t work here without a ‘step down converter’. Foolish thought I could just use a plug converter.

Also have a flip clock from Habitat. Very noisy though.


Have you thought about getting one of those hand clocks, sorry I mean a watch?

no idea which option is yes or which is no

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bill haley’s first draft was an absolute mess


alright grandad!!!