Let's talk pick 'n' mix

Bulk confectionery is a method of commercially dispensing multiple small units of confectionery, either in manufactured bags with a fixed number of units per container, or by the amount of mass placed in a bag. The former is typically used in vending machines, while the latter is more common in retailers that specialize in selling confectionery. Some shops allow the customer to mix multiple types of bulk confectionery in the same bag, then purchase the mixture based on the total weight.

Who cares about that, what’s your FAVOURITE?

chat very much allowed.

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I fucking love Pick ‘n’ Mix mate despite it being unhygienic, very expensive and it always making me feel really awful once I’ve eaten it. You just cannot replicate that level of choice by buying packs of sweets can you.

I’m firmly a gummy sweet man, will gum that bag up till kingdom come. Chocolate honeycomb bites are a big favourite as well but an exception that proves the no-chocolate-in-my-pick-n-mix-bag rule. Try to layer the bag/cup so that fizzys and non-fizzys are kept together to avoid cross-contamination of fizziness and will do my best to ensure I get my favourite flavours when applicable (clears with Gummy Bears, reds and purples with everything else)

Always seem to be in Wilko when their half price pick ‘n’ mix offer is on. Really love those gummy strawbs and the blue sour fizzy coke bottles.

Mate I think you and I could be the same person.

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That would be weird wouldn’t it!

You’re a monster Ant.

Yes it would be, friend!


How come?

Is it THAT unhygienic?

Clear gummy bears are the worst ones.

Foam shrimps, foam bananas, shaving foam

Those blue and pink fizzy bottles

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Having worked in a bowling alley featuring a pick ‘n’ mix stand and seeing how many grubby-handed kids finger all the sweets I think it’s pretty unhygienic

I really love the clear ones!

There are scoops!

White chocolate mice!


Kids fucking hate scoops mate

tbh so do I. I regularly just shove my hands in for a taste.

Well why don’t you marry the clear ones if you love them so much?

Maybe I will!