Let's Talk Radio 2


We always go on about 6music, but let’s talk about the less-trendy older brother.

Just listening to Popmaster now. Has a DiSer ever been on? I think they might do alright.

Quite like Ken Bruce, dislike the pandering of Jeremy Vine and the pure partridgeness of Steve Wright.


I used to listen to it a lot but haven’t listened to it much for some years (except for a few months ago when I listened to janice long)


My mum always listened to it when I was a kid in the 80s - they used to play lots of terrible novelty records back then (things like the Laughing Policeman)

Eventually she relented to nagging from my sister and I and switched to Radio 1 - she’s back on radio 2 these days

I used to occasionally listen to it in the car - but never do now I have a DAB in there

It’s not for me


We only listen to it in the morning as the earliest one in turns it on and doesn’t turn it off all day until he leaves. It’s actually fairly innocuous, and occasionally plays a belter.


Didn’t even know there was a Let’s Talk radio station, let alone Let’s Talk Radio 2!!!

(Here all week.)


It’s asbolutely terrible, isn’t it?


I’m too young for Radio 2


Caught a bit of Liza Tarbuck’s show on Saturday evening.

How anyone can sit through 2 hours of that without butchering themselves is a mystery.


She’s awful

I like pop master and will happily have Paul O Grady on when making Sunday roast.

Simon Mayo is a listenable drive time show when you’re not in the Lamacq mood driving home of an evening…can’t believe he’s still doing Confessions


Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio Radio.
Absolute Radio.


popmaster segment
jeremy vine call-ins
desmond carrington
jamie cullum
paul o’grady
when vanessa feltz is filling in on daytime
elaine paige on sunday
trevor nelson, though i’m never in the car when he’s on


R 2 needs a serious rest boot.