Lets Talk!- Sleep- The Sciences

Sleep are back!!! 20 years after Dopesmoker, new material. Loving the new release “The Sciences”. Going to see them in July in NYC, beyond pumped. Whats everyone think of the new record? Blistering brilliance if you ask me…

seems good on first listen.

I like how they sort of reverse the bass/guitar roles sometimes, where the guitar plays the anchor riff and the bass does the embellishing stuff, and then when the guitar also starts playing more stuff it’s like - woah! so much stuff.

also pike has the best tone of anyone.

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Enjoying this a lot. Sounds very good/full.

I think they’ve topped Dopesmoker! Love this!

hold your horses there buddy.

Should probably get around to listening to this

the solo on the last track there


Yeah, this is great. Been neglecting it a bit.