let's talk speakers, chums

i moved my speaker system into the dining room for the laptop, so i need some speakers for the living room that will serve as nice dual purpose ones for my little turntable and the telly. these look alright:

what’s your speaker game looking like? got some nice ones? looking to buy? let’s pool information!





dammit you guys this is serious

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You’re right, I think it was very off for @anon5266188 to make a silly joke


My speaker game is all over the shop, tbqfh. Sonos downstairs, non-Sonos soundbar for the telly, new active monitors upstairs on my desk. Shambles.

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If you took those speakers to a hotel and turned them up fully you’d probably



Bercow is the “speaker” of the “house” and you are looking for “speakers” for your “house”

Can’t you see the irony here!


Any Bluetooth recs for around £100 also? Just to do a sneaky thread-jack

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dali zensor 3s in the main room

UE boom to follow me around the other rooms

tapco S8 studio monitors in the music room

little digital radio thing in the kitchen too.

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Don’t really use speakers much, more of a headphone guy

This thread seems to have caused some DIVISION between us!!!


j̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶a̶w̶a̶y̶!̶

i mean, feel free to discuss any (hi-fi/tv/laptop) speaker-related issues!

headphone chat is welcome, what “cans” are you “styling”

Might start saying “I love jacking it” and it’ll be about headphone jacks instead of masturbation


oh these look lovely

wireless = LINDY BNX-60
music room = Beyerdynamic DT100

they review strongly here :slight_smile:

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Headphones Sennheiser HD25 SPII. Had them since 2011 and they’re boss. Only had to replace the cable once. Huge VFM.

Speakers are some Cambridge Audio ones from the mid 70s, permanently borrowed from my father in law. They’re good, for what I need.

Mainly use a Bose Soundlink mini 2 around the house though. That thing is amazing.

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