let's talk speakers, chums

I did have some of these bose qc35 noise cancelling wireless ones

but wore them in the bath too many times and they broke

then I got some cheap chinese OneAudio A7

they are super bassy but do the job and only cost me £30 as opposed to the £300 for the wanky bose

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I bought a pair of these at a flea market this weekend:

(they look like this inside)

Not sure if they work though yet - got them for a bargain price though so worth the risk. If I can get them running I think they will sound PRETTY SWEET.


Got this lad for £70 or so. Shockproof and waterproof, sound is surprisingly nice. Simple and robust

Added bonus - my tiny comrade loves playing with it cause it rolls around and there’s a loop to pick it up with, and he likes it best when there’s dub coming out of it


Beats Studio 3 Wireless.

Mrs HYG worked with headphones for a while so I got a few free pairs. Had a nice set before these which I think I preferred but were like half the price, Mrs HYG basically forced me to use the Beats instead. They’re pretty good I guess. I mainly listen to podcasts on them so :man_shrugging:

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Old School



Ok, bear with me because I am an idiot… Is there anything I could get to plug into a hi-fi aux port whereby it would allow me to play stuff by Bluetooth? Have my dad’s old hi-fi set up to take with me whenever I get to move into my own place, and am thinking it would be annoying to have to get some sort of standalone speaker to play stuff from spotify/bandcamp/etc when there would be a perfectly good set of speakers there already.


something like this


Perfect! I never really knew what to type in to search before.

I’ve got a pair of Mission M70 speakers, which I must have had for at least fifteen years. The internet still seems to think they’re OK though:

I have Q Acoustics 2020is. They’re very good.

I hate buying hi fi gear because I end up reading loads of reviews that are full of paragraphs like this

They give instruments body and texture, and deliver vocals with a wealth of insight. The speakers’ midrange is sandwiched by clear and refined highs, and a full, solid bass. Not afraid to reveal an attacking edge, the 2020is dig into the meaty guitar riffs.

But where there’s authority and verve, there’s also control and poise. Guitars soar through the choir, and instrument differentiation is precise.


I’ve had the ‘normal’ HD25 IIs since 2011 too. not had to replace anything, but the two foam pads on the headband have come off, and the red plug on the right won’t come out anymore.

absolutely amazed they’ve lasted given the brutal life they’ve had. probably the best value for money purchase i’ve made.

Mucked around with this in Ikea the other week:

Considering it’s £150 it’s a bloody good wireless speaker.

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The ayes have it!
The ayes have it

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Mine have been amazing. Pads are going on the inside,but perfectly useable. Love them

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my neighbour has a pair of these

they sound tremendous

Finally getting my floor standers back into use, I missed them.

My current speaker sitch is a bit crazy. Got some giant danish picture frame styled things to save space in the living room. The sound is detailed but need loads of power and are missing sub bass. Gonna get a sub next year I think, even though I’m getting the floorstanders back.

I have a shitload of really old rotel stuff in the garage that needs to go. Also might have some mordaunt short shelf speakers to add to the pile. I try to keep a fully working second system in rotation for when mates move out and don’t have anything, if anyone wants to borrow some stuff let me know.

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Just have my turntable plugged into a Sonos 5.

Have a couple of ‘proper’ amps & sets of speakers (nothing fancy) stored in the basement. I know they are better but I’ve got to the point where space, simplicity and the lack of wires wins out.

Also honestly it sounds great to my ears; it’s only a small space and beyond a certain volume the neighbours would be round complaining anyway. Weirdly only thing I’d say is it’s not fantastic at very low volumes, just becomes indistinct.

Think my ideal set up now would be an automatic turntable with built-in phono and a stereo pair of wireless speakers that can stream directly. Love that '70s HiFi aesthetic but just don’t have the space for it.

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got my tv and turntable plugged into a lovely Q Acoustics Media 4 soundbar (it’s quite big tho)

For years I used a Denon mini-hifi as an amp for my laptop and turntable which i picked up with 2 sony bookshelf speakers for a grand total of 70 quid in 2011. It still sounds fucking amazing and it’ll always be around as a back up

the mrs is gonna buy me those speakers in my OP to say thanks for my being on cat litter duty and sorting the broadband this week while she’s been getting to grips with her new job. a success for all! :slightly_smiling_face: