let's talk speakers, chums

need some nice bluetooth speaks for the kitchen now, imo :thinking:

Useful thread.

Have 2x JVC speakers from a 90s mini system that died well over a decade ago, plugged into a Denon mini hifi, with the telly plugged into that. They’re loyal servants that sound way better than they’ve any right to. But their limits have been exposed since we moved into a bigger place. Some of the links upthread look useful.

Q1: I have my telly connected to the hifi with an optical audio cable, and volume needs to be controlled by the hifi. Is there likely to be a setting that allows volume to be controlled by the telly whole issuing the optical cable, minimising the need for two remote controls? Or is that not a thing? Should I just go old school telly headphone jack to hifi aux phono - that’d be volume controlled by the telly, right?

Q2: Any downsides to having bookshelf speakers mounted on wall brackets?

Also have a UE Roll2 portable Bluetooth speaker, which is ace for slinging in a bag and using in hotel rooms etc. Also, garden chilling, kitchen use. MiniWza is a big fan of dancing around holding it by the the carry handle. Sound quality is great for such a small thing (exterior design and build quality is spot on, too).

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