Let's Tuesday Evening, yeah?

Hi. Tell me about your days and plans for the evening

Supposed to be going to see Julien Baker but might sack it off as I aint feeling it.

Good evening, Richard and friends!

I have had a loooong day. On the plus side, on account of watching Bojack Horseman I’ve gathered the ingredients to make myself an old fashioned (or two) this evening, which I’ve never done before but feeling optimistic about. Had no idea there was alcohol in bitters though, I got ID’d for bitters?! Assumed it was like old man grenadine or something.


just made a pretty slapping pasta sauce from scratch, and now i’m spent.

trying to find someone to look after the dog for a chunk of the summer is tricky my dudes.

plans now for a trip to france, and later a trip to texas and then pittsburg. yay.

My day started amazingly when I poured orange juice on my cereal instead of almond milk this morning. Followed that up at lunchtime by pouring water from a kettle that hadn’t actually boiled into the teapot and enjoyed a delicious mug of stone cold tea.

But on the plus side, I finished my first Dissonance Radio show, had a decent (6k) run where I saw a woodpecker, and I’m not going to work until next Tuesday because tomorrow is festival o’clock! Bought the tickets in 2019 and I am SO ready. (Festy technically doesn’t start until Thursday, but tomorrow night the crew is assembling at the house of the guy who lives closest to the site so I’m claiming it)


Alright gang, just failed to have a nap.

Proper glum. Not well.


Have a needle in my hand and having a little quiet cry like a little quiet baby.

Been working on some tour stuff whilst quite high on painkillers today, maybe it’ll be my best work yet, maybe someone should intervene and change all my social media passwords before I do anymore…?

Long day. Exhausted as always. Done some laundry and other misc. chores, made and eaten BHS for tea, now drinking a can of Coca Cola and watching Crime TV. Might have a cornetto if i can ba to get up.


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twisted my ankle doing a rainbow flick

might retire from football

Got some M&Ms for later too. Got plenty of cornettos in the freezer, get yourself to Devon.

Pls don’t do this to me funky.

I have a tiny dry apple

get well soon @inthedusk :pleading_face: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Had a nice chilled day cooking. Made a cottage pie and portioned out for the kids tomorrow and leftover portions in the freezer. Had a nice lunch, watched Paycheck then made our veggie cottage pie

Done bedtime and gonna veg out for a bit now. Would like to go on a little walk, but meh.


Please, for my sake, get something else. Fruit is for losers.

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Oh no! Sending loads of hugs :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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had leftovers for tea which were not very inspiring to begin with and then i quite badly overcooked them. this will go down as a misery dinner for the ages. not sure what to do tonight. might watch some of that george carlin doc and maybe do a bit of tidying. every chance i might just stare at the wall until it’s time for bed though. hmm.

Finished work and now at work #hardestworkingdisser

Wasted half my night fannying about making some chicken chettinad from a recipe kit thing and it was shite


Was kind of planning to get a takeaway but accidentally decided last minute to make fried rice instead. Not sure why.
Weather has been kind of fun in London today.

The post-DiS-getaway blues are slowly starting to abate. Wow it was just so nice to hang out with such a great bunch of people :expressionless:

Watching Dave (the show) and trying to muster the energy to chop an onion :slightly_smiling_face:



Had masala cod and battered chips for tea.

Just been out for a lovely walk in the evening sun with the dog.

Shower. Sort my work stuff out for tomorrow. Bit of TV. Bed.