Let's Tuesday Evening, yeah?

At a pub quiz where me and my mate accidentally joined where everyone is half out age and he wants to leave but I’m determined to win because I’ve put the team name as “sorry we were just walking past and didn’t realise it was full of actual children”


Just procured my premier pint since pre pandemicat Reading’s premium pisshole The Hope Tap. Finally feeling relieved after hours trying to find out when Everything Everything are on. I asked on their AMA on Reddit, Twitter and tried to phont the venue but ended up having to peer through the door to get an answer. That was like 4 hours of autistic anxiety, trying to arrange when to meet people. And having to turn down invitation for pre drinks. Pretty hyped for the gig at last. Not posting gig times, especially when they’ve done really early sets this week is really ablelist. Anyway, about to have a great time so can relax at last.

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Think I’ve told this before but me and an old housemate stumbled upon a pub quiz once where the losing team from the week before had chosen Brookside as a specialist round cause of some in-joke between all the quiz regulars. Used our joker card, got 20/10, and one of the other rounds was about the world cup so we won by about 50 points.


The kids next door are blasting that song from Frozen for some reason. Very seasonal.

  • Bake Off: Professionals
  • Doing a half-arsed workout

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You know what I love guys? Asparagus season.

  • Me too!
  • You’re alright

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You should probably just… move on


Did you see the guy who was cycling round the world or something had his bike nicked outside there the other day

Just recalled that a workmate messaged me today to tell me how excited she is to go and see the real adele soon because she’s only ever seen the tribute adele and that was a tribute to “the big adele, y’know…the fat one”) then told me she’s also off to see ed sheeran. Too scared to log back in to the chat now in case i sent something rude back. Scared, but also hopeful.

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Spärgelzeit (read this in an in-flight magazine years ago and my brain gas decided its a key bit of german to remember)

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That sounds stressful. I hope you have a lovely time at the gig.


I like it when you get a nice light purple elastic band round your asparagus. (Or no elastic band at all is better but if you must have one id like it to be light purple)


Posted this in the jobs thread on behalf of my nephew.

If any of you London media types, know of any kind of placements, let me know. Cheers.

Having a weird Tuesday evening trying to get the 8yo to go to bed/sleep while the sun is still up outside & her big teenage sister is being a loud stroppy teenager

This is fairly normal I guess

but the tv is in the kitchen with 440 silkworms of different varieties that she has hatched from eggs. She’s doing a biofarming circular silk production thingy for her MA. These are the 3rd generation

They are now beginning to get a bit creepy as they double in size every day

The cat is not too keen on them either

when it’s really quiet you can actually hear them munching on their mulberry leaves

Totally normal Tuesday night

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Don’t know any people in that line of work personally anymore but I’ll definitely bear it in mind as I encounter a few people in that area now and again

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Made chicken katsu, having a @Funkhouser beer, watching Twin Peaks, hopefully a film after

Crap day at work but ah well, just past-me’s fault


Managed to get out for a little bimble along the river and back.


There’s a bit about them in Earthlings and being able to hear them. Just hoping your story doesn’t end the same way.

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You can make some (very weird) cocktails with bitters as the main alcoholic ingredient!

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