Let's Tuesday Evening, yeah?

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So cool

What’s the verdict?

There’s video & what the end creations look like & everything on the TV’s insta if you’re interested


Guilty of being a good beer

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I don’t like it

Lovely, also the first time I really got the banana thing from a Belgian style which I keep hearing about

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That’s why I don’t like it. Same chemical compound as they use for foam banana sweets.

Yeah never my go to but nice now and then

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Next small batch is out at the end of June…

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Love that floating one from the other angle (resisting liking all her posts on account of being an internet weirdo)

I thought that was a real person but saw another post she said she’d made it :exploding_head:


It’s kind of a nice sound actually

This video has the audio of generation #2’s munching


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I’ve marked the answers the wrong way round and caused a scene by accident

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Zomg yes, i love this so much.

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Never change.

Yeah she did a body cast of a friend of ours but added her own arms & hand casts

(One of her lecturers complained that ‘the figure was too skinny’) :dotted_line_face:

Can you?! Well I never!!

This old fashioned is very tasty I have to say. It’s not full on delicious like other ones I’ve had but I’m pretty happy for a first go. Feeling very suave. Have put on some jazz, lit a candle and am talking to the cat in an OTT posh accent to add to the ambience.


Now buying a table or chemistry students a round because they’ve just finished their finals


Caterpillars creep me out big style.

That’s the way you do it


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