Let's Wednesday together

Morning all! Realised I left my phone charger at work and have 38%… However should be OK. Going back to bed now for a little snooze.

How are you?

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Ooh, turn off GPS to give it some extra life!

My phone charger apparently gives percent charged to the one decimal place. Want an absolute advancement.


The Child was awake and crying at 6.06. She just wanted some attention.

Blast! Botheration! Made a coffee for the journey and wrnt right ahead and left it at home.

In other news, I’d never noticed there is a tunnel line under the mainline to Paddington just east of Reading Station. #thatsincredible

Does your phone support super charging as my new one does and its revolutionising my life. Takes about half an hour to get full charge!

Left my work trousers at work so im having ro wear jeans and a shirt on the way in #jeans&shirtwanker


It certainly does. I too have gawped in wonder at the speed with which i can get a reboot of phone juice. (i know you didn’t say you’d gawped in wonder per se, but who wouldn’t)

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In Aberdeen for work, struggling to get out of the cosy hotel bed even if the promise of breakfast is quite appealing :thinking: Never been here before so looking forward to having a look around later.

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Alright Clarkson

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Since you been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I’m so moving on
Yeah, yeah
Thanks to jeans
Now I get what I want
Since you been gone



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I’ve only been to Aberdeen once, for about eighteen hours, and I was at a house party for most of that time. I enjoyed being there.

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Missed dinner cos I was so tired
These lads in the kitchen don’t know what they’re in for
Starts gesticulating like Hulk Hogan


It looks really pretty! Loads of amazing murals. Also, I forgot my purse in Sainsbury’s last night and the woman behind the till kindly scanned and packed my shopping for me whilst I went and sheepishly got it from the hotel, so Aberdeen has done well so far :+1:t3:


Morning windmills, all. My eye is almost better but still a little weepy. Sadly it’s not messed up enough to take another day off work :angry: Not enough eggs in the fridge so looks like breakfast is gonna be a Monster/meat slice combo purchased en route.

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Adults riding scooters through train stations. State of 'em

Do people generally have gps on?

Turn it on for directions then off again straight away surely?

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I decided to walk into work in new shoes. What a mistake, I am in such pain.

We are going up the coast to a Modern art thing and then maybe to look at Hamlet’s castle.

Feel a bit clogged up with Rye bread.